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Marketing & Sales

marketing and sales advice

Do you know what the needs of your customers are? Are you positioning your products or services effectively to meet those needs?

Knowing the needs of your customers and having a “pulse” on their changing needs is central to long term business success and growth as it allows you to retain your existing customers and provide the needed information that you can use in marketing and sales that will attract new customers to your business. We can help you put together a marketing and sales plan that will attract new customers, drive business growth and help you capitalize on the market segments you serve. Let us help you bring in more customers for your business.

Financial Management

financial management consultants

Do you know how to read a financial statement? Are you using financial metrics to manage your business? Do you have an understanding of how to manage your cash flow? If not, we can help.

Cash Flow

To the trained eye, your financial numbers tell a story. They help us understand how you’re faring versus you competitors across key metrics and help lead us to where the “pain” is in your business. With most of our clients the best place to start is cash flow as, without cash to run your business, well…we know what happens here. Would it be helpful to know, definitively, how much cash you have coming in and how much you have going out and be able to trend this over time so you can plan for shortfalls and surpluses in the future? Would you rest a little easier at night knowing where your money is? We can teach you how.

Running the Business by the Numbers

Once you’re comfortable in reading financials, the next useful step is ensuring your direct and indirect costs are captured accurately in your Chart of Accounts. If not, you will not be able to accurately calculate your profit by segment of business or profit and, as the old adage goes, “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it! Having your costs accurately accounted for is the “backbone” of sound financial management and is a pre-requisite for establishing sound financial targets and goals. We’ll teach you how.


Once cash flow is under control and costs are properly assigned, we can begin looking in more detail at measuring how we are performing on factors that are important to the business – in short business metrics or a “dashboard” of important measures we know we need to monitor to ensure the business is successful. This also positions us to look at the business strategically and plan for growth in areas where profit is higher and looking to improve efficiency or eliminate business lines where profit is lower. With accurate numbers we can look at establishing sound business plans with metrics that serve as realistic goals. Let us help guide you on the creation of the right metrics and management dashboard to manage your firm.

Strategic Planning

Do you have a roadmap or plan to help guide your business? It’s critical to your success. We’ll help you build a strategic plan that makes sense for your business.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” Lewis Carroll. The most successful companies establish goals and strategies of where they want to take their business, in other words what segments they want to compete in, and how they plan to grow in those segments. This is called a strategic planning process with the outcome being a business plan that outlines what the business will do over the next three to five years. Ideally, the strategic planning process starts with gathering information on the markets you serve and competitors as inputs to the plan that is collaboratively shared and discussed with the leaders of your organization. This is the beginning of the process. The process ends with strategies, goals and objectives that are shared by each department in the organization with each department having clearly outlined how they will contribute to the overall goals and objectives and what metrics they will be measured by in achieving those goals. The plan is reviewed and fine-tuned, usually, once per quarter and market conditions and business needs will change. We have over 60 years of combined experience in strategic planning and can help your company put a plan in place that makes sense to drive your business forward.

Operations Management

Do you need to “fine tune” your operations to focus on the metrics and results that matter in increasing profitability? We can help.

Running an organization without knowing your operating costs and managing without metrics is akin to captaining a rudderless ship. The ship may drift along in safe waters and, in good times, not hit the rocks. However, as soon as the first storm comes along, that ship’s in trouble! We’re experts at analyzing businesses and establishing tailor made solutions, specific to your business that will help you understand where you are making your profit, how much and whether that margin is growing or declining over time. Using this as a base, we help you improve efficiency that has a direct and positive impact on net profit as every dollar saved in operations is, in almost all cases, a dollar that goes directly to the bottom line. On average, we’ve been able to secure for our clients 4 points of net margin improvement due directly to implementation of the plans we’ve developed. Call us to see how we can develop a plan like this for you.

Tax Planning

Have you done all you can to minimize tax? Ask us how…

Tax minimization is often an afterthought in running a successful company and frequently overlooked. We can help you ensure that you are not paying any more tax, either corporately or individually, than you truly owe with intelligent, legal and proven tax mitigation strategies that have saved our clients millions of dollars in tax savings that have gone directly to net margin – the bottom line. Ask us to see if you qualify for your free tax consultation for your business…

Organizational Management

Is your organization structured in an optimal way…

Have you hired the right people for leadership roles in your company or have you settled for hiring people, on the fly, that others have recommended? Once you have your people on board, do you have training programs to help them improve? Do they have goals? Is their performance measured on a regular basis and are they given honest and candid feedback on how they are doing? Have you helped them understand the culture you are trying to achieve so they are motivated to perform at their best? Are their incentives in place so that, if they hit their goals, they are rewarded? If you answered no to any of these questions, we can help you put a plan in place for the people side of your organization that will result in more productive employees and improve your bottom line. Ask us how.

Fast Track Your Revenue and Profits

Let us show you how we can rejuvenate your business with a free and confidential business consultation. There is no obligation and no fee for the initial meeting.