In the third quarter of 2015, we contacted with Fred and his associates to review our Primoris Pipeline Division performance and assist with making tough decisions on overhead reduction and the reorganization of the total business development group.

Fred and his team performed flawlessly, and in a timely and professional manner. The tough decisions were presented and actions put into place in a timely manner to reobtain our fair share of the market opportunities. The team lead by Fred made the right recommendations and changes to improve both business and P&L.

I would highly recommend Fred and his team as he is a true professional with a lot of innovative thinking.

Jim Henry, President Primoris Energy Services Corporation.

We are all very grateful for the expertise and knowledge that Fred has shared with this company. We had no strategic plan to get the company moving forward before he came to us. He showed us where mistakes were being made and how we could correct them by working together and solving problems as they arose. Fred gave us a solution to each problem that had contributed to loss for the company and how to prevent future losses.

Fred not only gave us business support, he gave us hope and encouragement. We now feel that we can move forward and it is due to Fred’s unfailing dedication to seeing his ideas for this company come to fruition.

Paul E. Hensley, President Advanced Fire Protection.

Fred has been a great investment for our company. The knowledge he has brought to us has really excited not only Norman and I but our staff as a whole. We have a directive in place that we have never had for the present and future of our company. While we need to continue to make improvements we now have a plan thanks in all to Fred.

Over the past few days I see our employees working with direction and goals, striving for achievement which is something that has never taken place in our company.

Without the support and dedicated encouragement from Fred I am not sure where our company would of ended up. Now we feel we can move forward in a managed manor with direction and goals in place.

Kim Morgan, Tangier Logistics, Inc.
For the past 6 months, Fred has helped us tremendously in navigating through some issues we were facing. His experience in the areas we needed help in really shone through. Fred’s honesty, integrity and approach to solving problems was an asset and I’d highly recommend him.
Steven Ward, Partner & Founding Member, Ward Getz & Associates Engineering